The title says it all (^_^)
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It's Saturday, or maybe it's, Matte-urday since today we bring you 3 videos of Matte Black Lamborghini Gallardos. There are brutal revs and a deep idle from a LP560-4 ALMS racecar by West Racing Team, accelerations and engine note from a stock LP560-4, and a hard revving first generation Gallardo. So, sit back, enjoy, and turn up your bass because matte black Lambos are about to be IN! YOUR! FACE! =)
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This may be the sweetest sounding BMW M3 on the road!  It even has a vanity plate to prepare you for its awesomeness. Check it out:

PS: Note the one guy in the audio who complains about the engine revving. Don't let these types get you down in life. Rev your engine! (Translation: Do not hide your greatness. Share it with the world.)
A Lambo Inspired Haiku:

no daewoo lanos
raging automotive bull
it sure beats walking

Powerful. Moving. Elementary? All these words come to mind after reading this poem. It's almost a certainty that my 3rd grade level literary masterpiece inspired you. You probably just retrieved your quill pen and ink from your roll top desk. Remember, only the finest parchment and the most elegantly sweeping calligraphy should be used for the fine art of haiku.
Despite it not being silver, James Bond would be proud of this Aston Martin DBS Convertible. It sports a refined look and has a solid growl upon launch. A car like this is perfect for spring and summer for those who love exotic cars, but don't want the insane attention that often accompanies them. In this car, you can enjoy serious acceleration and wild top speeds while getting a perfect tan on the top of your head! Who could ask for more? No one. That's who.  =)
Your favorite fearless blogger is back with another crescent fresh post of automotive greatness. Please enjoy this video of a modified Pontiac GTO performing a textbook burnout.  Dear readers, I implore you to take notice of the ample billows of smoke emanating from the tires and the well defined black streak left behind on the pavement. This,my friends, is how a burnout should be done.