Despite it not being silver, James Bond would be proud of this Aston Martin DBS Convertible. It sports a refined look and has a solid growl upon launch. A car like this is perfect for spring and summer for those who love exotic cars, but don't want the insane attention that often accompanies them. In this car, you can enjoy serious acceleration and wild top speeds while getting a perfect tan on the top of your head! Who could ask for more? No one. That's who.  =)
joan taylor
4/13/2010 01:14:38 pm

James B. may prefer silver, but this Joan thinks the basic black model is just fine. I would, however, pass on obtaining the tan top of the head. Hand me a beautiful wide brim Panama and "Let's go!"

4/14/2010 05:39:39 am

@ joan taylor: I suppose a hat is acceptable. A tanned top of the head is not for everyone, lol.

4/30/2010 09:55:05 pm

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