08/22/2010 : Update!

A lively discussion about this topic and video is talking place on L4P.com.  The general feedback is that chrome rims on a Ferrari are a "no go", as they take away from the classic looks and styling of the vehicle. The question "Who is the maker of these rims?" is still unanswered, so if you know, please chime in.

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I'm curious about the aftermarket wheels on this Ferrari F360.

1) Who is the maker?

2) What do you think about how they look on the car? Are they an enhancement or a detraction?

President Barack Obama was in Dallas this week and friend of the website Vanessa Olivares snapped a photo of the presidential motorcade as it rolled down Interstate 35. Vanessa writes:

"So, I was a little mad because I couldn't get on 35 and there were a million cops. Then, I realized the president needed to ride exclusively on 35!"

Great picture Vanessa and thank you for sharing it! The presidential limo (officially known as the "Presidential State Car") represents the highest level of exotic cars in terms of both rarity and customization. In fact, it's not an exotic, it's a super exotic with features including four wheel drive, windows that do not open, integrated global communication systems, and a custom interior lighting system (required due to the protective glass of the vehicle letting in so little light)!
Here's a great customized Mercedes Benz E55 AMG. It sits on Michelin Pilot Sport tires wrapped around silver and black Blitz wheels by Gianna (which are available in staggered fitments). The blacked out lights really set off the look...  MANY more pictures after the jump!
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In response to yesterday's post, " Great Plates: Tesla, Corvette Z06, BMW 760 LI  ",  Doug writes: "     

 "THEZ06" is fantastic and hip. This dude is rockin out a sweet ride. My thought is this: if you want a car's paint job to stand out and be eye-catching, then why go with standard colors like black and yellow? I just envision a color thats more hip and ostentatious like purple. Your thoughts....

Here are my thoughts: Doug, I agree with your comments regarding the fantastic and hip nature of "THE Z06".

As for the color selection, I have some thoughts. Going with a 2 tone color scheme really enhances the "look at me" factor. So, even though black and yellow are standard colors, combining them makes the paint job fairly unique and causes the Corvette to stand out.

I like your suggestion about opting for an ostentatious color in order to be even more eye-catching. There is a pink Lamborghini Gallardo that gets LOTS of attention simply because it is painted in such a unique color. I have found that exotic cars from the Middle East often have extreme customization in both color and accessories (such as wild body kits). So, please know that people in the exotic car culture are out there pushing the limits of car customization.

Happy Saturday! Your fearless blogger is back with another installment of "Great Plates" (awesome vanity plates on awesome cars). Take a look:

The vanity plates on this Red Tesla electric exotic car remind everyone how "green" it is. (Reader submitted photo.)

This black and yellow Corvette Z06 with bold vanity plates screams, "Look at me!". Corvette drivers are known for having outlandish vanity plates (just ask radio and TV personality Jim Rome), so for one to claim his car is "THE Z06" means both the car and driver really have to bring it.

Very attention getting paint scheme. It's like a hornet on wheels. I approve.

Closeup of "THE Z06" vanity plate. Opting for the black Texas Star plate was a good choice because it continues the black color them of the rear of the car.

Black BMW 760 LI with New Mexico vanity plates that promote the owner's business. Strong.