08/22/2010 : Update!

A lively discussion about this topic and video is talking place on L4P.com.  The general feedback is that chrome rims on a Ferrari are a "no go", as they take away from the classic looks and styling of the vehicle. The question "Who is the maker of these rims?" is still unanswered, so if you know, please chime in.

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I'm curious about the aftermarket wheels on this Ferrari F360.

1) Who is the maker?

2) What do you think about how they look on the car? Are they an enhancement or a detraction?

8/20/2010 11:07:06 pm

I say keep the rims that are on it now. Just save the stock rims so if the car is sold to a buyer who wants the stock look the stock rims can be reinstalled.

9/3/2010 06:26:11 pm

@Mario: Saving the stock wheels is a good idea. Besides, it's not as if one can expect many buyers when trying to sell a set of stock Ferrari F360 wheels on CraigsList. =)


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