I spotted this Metallic Smurf Blue Aston Martin Vantage recently. Even though it's not a super-exotic, this ride caused lots of people to turn their heads. The lesson is, the right paint color makes a HUGE difference in attracting attention (or not) to your exotic car. Had this Vantage been a darker blue (or black) it would no doubt have attracted much less (aka "almost no") attention.

Less flash can be nice at times since it means fewer people will come up to ask about your car. However, it also means a lower chance that the valet parks your car right out front of that exclusive restaurant. So, if you want attention, get your paint game right.

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I recently had a chance to check out a Ferrari 360 with an aftermarket Tubi Exhaust. In my opinion, the car sounds great. I feel the idle and engine note are terrifically musical, plus the pipes catch the eye as they exit the vehicle.
I shared my views on aftermarket exhausts for exotic cars with multiple people and their thoughts on the subject were very different from mine. One Ferrari owner told me that putting an aftermarket exhaust on an exotic was wrong because it is contrary to the original designer's vision for the car. Additionally, a Ferrari dealer was put off by the idea of aftermarket exhausts even existing for exotic cars. He made the point that the exhaust notes of exotics are "factory tuned" for a "perfect sound" and that any changes to that sound violate the spirit of the vehicle.

I feel it is fine to put an aftermarket exhaust on a supercar. Why? Because doing so allows the driver to make the car his own, thereby making the car more enjoyable. Enjoyment, after all, is a huge reason for owning an exotic car.

What do you think? Should aftermarket exhausts be installed on exotic cars (why or why not)?
Friend of the site Javier A. Ortiz was kind enough to send in this picture of a black Bentley Continental GTC he spotted while vacationing at an undisclosed location. The color scheme of black body and black convertible top is VERY popular for the GTC. In fact, about half of the GTC's I see have this exact same color scheme.

Memo to America's Bentley GTC owners: Let's mix things up a bit! I would like to see Bentley GTC's in more exotic colors. Your Bentley GT owning brethren are bold enough to roll out with their cars in red, green, blue, and other colors.  A GTC with a canary yellow body and a canary yellow top would be unique and a total win. We could call it the "Look at Me GTC"... Mansory, feel free to start working on that.

Just because one drives a pricey customized black Porsche Carrera does not mean he is above indulging in the joys (I use this term loosely) of the McDonald's Dollar Value menu.  (^_^)

In other news, this video emphasizes the value of SPEED in business. Though Porsche Driver desperately wanted to spend his money with the tasty local burger place, the line there was MUCH too long.  

So, in a perfect illustration of a market economy at work, Porsche Driver scooted across the street to a lesser dinning establishment. Why? Because McDonald's serves relatively decent food relatively quickly. Lesson to all business owners, keep quality AND service speeds up. Somewhere, Adam Smith is smiling.