Your favorite fearless blogger is back with another crescent fresh post of automotive greatness. Please enjoy this video of a modified Pontiac GTO performing a textbook burnout.  Dear readers, I implore you to take notice of the ample billows of smoke emanating from the tires and the well defined black streak left behind on the pavement. This,my friends, is how a burnout should be done.
4/7/2010 12:35:39 pm

Burn Baby Burn ... thast was some take-off. The spin-out was cool and the "wheel-smoke" was right on. The photography was great also...

4/14/2010 05:41:23 am

@ Davage: Yep, that launch by the GTO really surprised me. Glad to have caught it on camera. (BTW, it's also a pretty good example of a standing drift.)


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