Countdown: What’s cool about the Tesla Roadster?

3) It’s an electric sports car, yet its styling and performance exceed that of many traditional gasoline powered exotics.

2) The Tesla Roadster’s chassis is built by Lotus Cars. Yep, the same people who bring you the wonderful Elise, Exige and Evora sports cars (Notice the "E" naming trend? Yeah, so did I.). So, if you think that car flying past you on the highway is a Lotus, it might not be. Give it a closer look, and listen - more on that next - because it might be a Tesla!

1) The Tesla Roadster makes almost no noise when launching! Let me repeat that: NO NOISE! It is truly mind boggling the first time you witness a Tesla launch because are expecting  powerful engine noises to accompany such rapid acceleration.  Instead, your eyes see a streak as the car fades into the distance, and your ears are greeted with silence. Sweet, wonderful, silence. (^_^)


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