Bam! I bring you the lime green Monster Energy Swagzila Nissan GTR sitting pretty right out front of Madison Square Garden! The custom paint, smoked lights, black wheels, and cocky vanity plate all help take this R35 to the next level. The car got TONS of attention in Manhattan, a place where everyone has already seen everything. People were running up to take pictures and fawn over the styling upgrades. Enjoy!
6/5/2012 05:24:37 am

That's a fantastic metallic green, but I don't understand what compels people to put advertisements on their car they aren't getting paid for.

6/8/2012 06:54:06 am

Who says they're not getting paid for it ;-)

6/9/2012 11:21:29 am

My dad owns a gtr just like that with all the designs and everything but my dads is faster

8/3/2012 01:28:18 pm

That GT-R looks so nice! The only thing i don't like is the stickers on it, and personally i like them with the rear wing better. But the color is amazing, do you know how fast it is compared to a stock GT-R?


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