I, your fearless blogger, recently got an exclusive tour of an amazing private collection of classic cars, muscle cars, luxury cars, and a few exotics. Many thanks to the owner for the exclusive tour. Enjoy the video!

Of the cars in the collection, which is your favorite and why? Thanks!
Javier Ortiz
11/15/2010 09:36:27 am

Wow...that collection is DOPE! I really enjoyed seeing an appreciation of both old school and new school in this collection. EXCELLENCE!

11/16/2010 01:11:41 pm

@Javier Ortiz: I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the collection and I agree, it really does offer a great combination of old school and new school. There's something for everyone in that garage.

11/17/2010 09:26:46 am

dang. thats a collection right there. heavy on the fords, but really nice. i wish i could see it in person. whose cars are they?

T. B, Masi
1/23/2011 01:23:24 am

OMG! Just watched your Sultan of the South---Private Car Collection Video. Fabulous! Moving! :-) No pun intended on the "moving" -- since this is about cars... transportation! LOL Moving, because those cars ( not all of them of course) were vehicles I grew up seeing on the streets and riding in! What great memories it brought to me. I didn't realize how the events of life can be so closely intertwined with the story of the automobile. Nice work joshgoler.com!

1/24/2011 12:37:49 pm

@ Rick: Thanks for the props. Can't disclose the owner of the cars. It's a secret. (Shhhh!!) (^_^)

1/24/2011 12:38:59 pm

@T.B. Masi: Glad the cars brought back good memories for you! It certainly is an amazing collection of American classic cars. The Sultan rocks!


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