Faithful blog readers/ video viewers/ people who have no idea how they arrived at this website:

I, your fearless blogger, present to you a behind the scenes exotic car video from the Gumball 3000. Sit back and relax as we shed some light on the process of car wrapping.

For the record, wrapping a car is like wrapping a gift, except you don't end up with tape, bows, and oddly sized strands of wrapping paper all over your kitchen table... But I digress, enjoy the video and if you watch until the end you'll get a look at the Ford GT engine.

"Uh, Josh, this video is not extremely new. Why did you post it to your blog?", you ask.
Because I can. That's why. Now, as P. Diddy would say "Press Play"  =)
Enrique Cruz
11/7/2010 04:04:57 am

so that's how they get those cool logos onto racecars. i always wondered how they do that.

11/8/2010 12:17:42 pm

@ Enrique Cruz: Thank you for the comment. I'm happy to know that you liked the video and that it demystified the process of "getting those cool logos onto racecars" =)


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