The Texas Mile is an straight line racing event held on an airstrip in South Texas. The goals of the event are pretty basic: Go fast. Drive in a straight line. Remain on the ground.

This year, a twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo changed things up and became an airplane.... Check it out for yourself. (Great video by Gary Javo)

Note: Thankfully, the driver walked away from the crash.
A. Rod
11/2/2010 03:12:58 pm

Geez Holly crap that's insane

11/2/2010 04:20:54 pm

@A. Rod - Indeed it is one wild crash! I'm feel the parachute caused the car to go airborne. The Gallardo Superleggera is not a heavy car and if the parachute was deployed at too high a speed it could create enough lift to not only slow the car, but to also lift it off the ground.


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