Among car enthusiasts the question often arises: "How do I make enough money to afford an exotic or luxury car?"

Well, I (your fearless blogger Josh Goler) took it upon myself to track down and ask the owners of several exotic and luxury cars what they did/ do to have enough money to afford such fly rides.The following is what I discovered:

Ferrari F430
:  Saved some of his earnings from his job and invested these funds wisely. After enough time, he was able to afford the Ferrari F430. He suggests buying a pre-owned exotic car for 2 reasons:

1) Buying a pre-owned exotic car lets one avoid the long wait involved in ordering a brand new exotic. Plus, some factory exotic car dealers will not even put you on the wait list for a brand new car unless you've purchased a pre-owned exotic car from them in the past. Strange, but true.

2) A pre-owed exotic purchased from a factory dealer will often come with a warranty.

Ford GT: Worked in sales for 30 years and now owns a boat storage company that provides him with passive income.

Lamborghini Gallardo: Owner and founder of a janitorial service. It took him 10 years of dedication and smart work to get to the point where he is today. The lesson here is smart work (which should not be confused with hard work) combined with patience can result in wonderful outcomes.

Jaguar XKR Portfolio: Founder and owner of a small business. Suggests starting a business that attacks a niche market because this will enable your firm to have a limited number of competitors when it's in its infancy.

Mercedes Benz SL500 (Customized): Founder and owner of a pest control company.

Maserati Quattroporte: Works in sales.

BMW Z4: Works in technology sales.

Hmm, there seems to be a trend here.   ;-)    Almost every one of these exotic and luxury car owners either works in sales, owns a company, or does both. This trend makes sense because a career in sales and owning a company are both high risk endeavors in which results are strongly linked to compensation.

So, if you want to own a supercar, consider taking the risk of overcoming your fears and learning to sell or starting your own company. These are 2 business paths in which your performance on the job creates performance in your bank account which, in turn, will put a performance vehicle in your driveway.  (^_^)
Roy D. Hudson
3/14/2010 11:02:24 am

Where do you find such cool rides? Are these all in your town? Do you have to go far away to photogragh these "short"? Wherever you get them, just keep them coming.
Roy D. Hudson

3/14/2010 06:09:07 pm

This just ABSOLUTELY confirmed my decision on career choices. LOL. You have the best timing as I was just thinking how am I going to afford getting that baby blue or soft pink car in celebration of my first kid. At the rate I'm going, I think I'll get my chance in 10 years like the other guy. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Very informative and eye catching.

Josh Goler
3/15/2010 04:58:26 am

@ Lauren B: It's good to know you found this information helpful. Yes, you will certainly reach your goals.

Also, baby blue or soft pink would be great colors because they are unique and will get lots of attention if you ever put your car in a show.

3/15/2010 05:00:44 am

@Roy D. Hudson: Thank you for the kind words. As for where the cars come from, I just find them ;-)

Oh, and I had to research the term "short", but apparently that's an old-school nickname for car. It's kind of like calling a car a "whip".


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