Let's face it, Texas is the greatest state in the union. We can all agree on that. So it only makes sense that drivers of vehicles from other states would select vanity license plates that honor Texas.

Audi drivers from the mountain west seem to really embrace this way of honoring Texas' superiority.  (^_^)

Exhibit A: A white Audi Q5 3.2L with vanity plates reading "LUVTEXS". Thank you unknown Arizona driver, for your support of all things Texan.

Exhibit B: This car may have a plate from Montana, but its owner clearly has his priorities straight. He opted to go with a personalized plate that reads "1 TRU TXN".

Well done good sir. You are clearly a person with excellent taste. You probably own many leather-bound books and reside in an apartment that smells of rich mahogany.

Words by Josh Goler / Photos by Javier A. Ortiz and Josh Goler
2/5/2011 07:35:28 am

Everyone wants to be Texas cowboy


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