I'm taking the liberty of categorizing the following 1998 Chevy Camaro Z28 footage as classic car videos. The LS1 Corvette engine in this car and its general awesomeness make it worthy of this honor. Watch for yourself and see (and hear).

Mods to the car include MAC Headers and an SLP ( Street Legal Performance ) exhaust.

3/15/2010 05:31:18 pm

Nice man.....def loving it lol!!!!!!! =D

3/16/2010 08:13:35 am

Looks like a car I used to have!

3/18/2010 08:19:54 am

@ ARod: Yep, sweet ride! We'll have to get it on here even more.

3/18/2010 08:21:06 am

@Nick: LOL

Uncle David
3/19/2010 08:08:33 am

Nice to see a shout out to some good ole American muscle cars. Find a well maintained Monte Carlo SS and I might hire you to refurb the engine for me!

3/22/2010 01:03:06 am

@Uncle David: Heck yeah! It's always good to see some American Muscle. I welcome that on this site :-)

As for the Monte Carlo SS, that's a very intriguing proposition.

3/21/2012 08:55:12 pm

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