Bam! I bring you the lime green Monster Energy Swagzila Nissan GTR sitting pretty right out front of Madison Square Garden! The custom paint, smoked lights, black wheels, and cocky vanity plate all help take this R35 to the next level. The car got TONS of attention in Manhattan, a place where everyone has already seen everything. People were running up to take pictures and fawn over the styling upgrades. Enjoy!
Check out Lexus' supercar, the LFA. This car is not for sale. If you want one, you'll have to lease it from Lexus and you only get to lease one if Lexus deems you "worthy". Lexus claims the goal is the prevention of harding and speculative buying.... Um, thanks Lexus... (Interestingly, in a competition at street racing speeds, a Nissan GTR will beat a Lexus LFA... Of course, once the speeds get more extreme, the LFA will walk away from the GTR.)