I went to the Cars and Coffee event in Dallas today and captured video of a crash.

Of course, there is a very important lesson to be learned from this crash. The lesson is not, "Go slowly when leaving exotic car events, no matter how awesome and geeked you feel from spending the past 4 hours experiencing more horsepower than a mere mortal can bear ". The lesson is not, "Don't drink too much coffee while at Coffee and Cars because driving under the influence of caffeine is unsafe. The lesson to be learned from this crash is: There may be easier ways to customize your car than driving it into an access road retaining wall, but none of those methods are as quick or as attention getting!!!  =)

Edit 11/8/2010 : Many people have asked, "Why did someone in the video yell 'Euphoria'?. The answer is that the car that crashed had Texas vanity license plates that read "U4EA", hence the yell of "Euphoria" when the crash happened.