I went to the Cars and Coffee event in Dallas today and captured video of a crash.

Of course, there is a very important lesson to be learned from this crash. The lesson is not, "Go slowly when leaving exotic car events, no matter how awesome and geeked you feel from spending the past 4 hours experiencing more horsepower than a mere mortal can bear ". The lesson is not, "Don't drink too much coffee while at Coffee and Cars because driving under the influence of caffeine is unsafe. The lesson to be learned from this crash is: There may be easier ways to customize your car than driving it into an access road retaining wall, but none of those methods are as quick or as attention getting!!!  =)

Edit 11/8/2010 : Many people have asked, "Why did someone in the video yell 'Euphoria'?. The answer is that the car that crashed had Texas vanity license plates that read "U4EA", hence the yell of "Euphoria" when the crash happened.
Joan Taylor
4/4/2010 02:19:31 pm

Joan Taylor
4/4/2010 02:33:30 pm

A first time experience for this viewer
a crash likey due to strong coffee intake. It was noticed that a few of the starting cars came very close to the wall. But the crash car did smack the wall with impunity! (For the faint hearted it good that the driver likely only got his driving ego bruisedI) Great photo shots and great "You are there" sounds. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps the brand of coffee used by said driver should be taken off the market for public safety.

4/5/2010 03:48:12 am

@Joan Taylor: LOL @ "Perhaps the brand of coffee used by said driver should be taken off the market for public safety"

Rachel Bowling
4/5/2010 11:06:23 am

sums it up
And this stupid comment thing told me there were too many exclamation points in my comment. So, there used to be more. Why is it judging my use of exclamation points? The voice in the video needs at least 5 ! , I'm just trying to quote it accurately.

4/5/2010 04:12:53 pm

@ Rachel Bowling: LOL "Euphoria" is right. That Solstice GXP has vanity plates that read "U4EA", hence the yell of "Euphoria" when the crash happened.

I also like the angry old guy who said, "Idiot."

PS: Sorry you didn't get to use as many exclamation points as you wanted. It appears my blogging software stifles freedom of expression.

4/7/2010 12:41:49 pm

From what I saw, the driver must still have one BIG headache. That wall did not seem to be soft nor was the car hard enough to put a dent therein. Then dents must be on the car? Perhaps he/she will drive more thoughtfully in the future!!

Again, there is great photography...

4/8/2010 07:56:35 am

It aint a party unless you break something. Looks like a good party

Josh Goler
4/14/2010 05:43:02 am

@DMX: It was most certainly a party and something did get broken ;-) (Thankfully nothing was broken TOO badly though)

4/14/2010 05:45:14 am

@ Davage: Wall beats car every time...

There are people on other forums also asking about the damage to the car Hopefully, pictures will surface so we can see the rest of the story.

9/1/2010 05:16:15 pm

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Josh Goler
9/3/2010 11:09:45 am

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BTW, I sent you an email.

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