Happy Saturday blog readers! Today, I bring you another of my exotic car videos. This one is of a Red Nissan GTR customized by JoTech Racing.  There are some great shots of arrival, acceleration, a view under the hood, and also the always important engine rev audio =)

What are your thoughts on this car?  What do you like or dislike about how the owner decided to upgrade and customize it? How do you think it sounds compared to other GTR's you've heard?
A Lambo Inspired Haiku:

no daewoo lanos
raging automotive bull
it sure beats walking

Powerful. Moving. Elementary? All these words come to mind after reading this poem. It's almost a certainty that my 3rd grade level literary masterpiece inspired you. You probably just retrieved your quill pen and ink from your roll top desk. Remember, only the finest parchment and the most elegantly sweeping calligraphy should be used for the fine art of haiku.